Welcome to Takara Sal,

From the land of japan takara means a precious stone was most suitable naming for our lebanese company.

Takara s.a.l which reflects its mission to deliver special and unique products. Registered in 2016, Takara s.a.l is a family owned business with experience going back decades that were finally combined and dedicated to bringing solutions and innovations in the construction field.
Located in Mount Lebanon, it occupies a strategic place for distribution across Lebanese regions due to nearby highways as well as a proximity to Port of Beirut. In itself, Lebanon has a premium location in the Middle East as a result of closeness to other countries like Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. At Takara, s.a.l we recognize the need to continually improve our processes and products to meet the needs of changing markets, while continually reducing our environmental impact. We believe that by prudent use of natural resources and the latest technology to manufacture, we continue to provide environmentally friendly products that ensure the highest quality residential and commercial environments.


Ray McIntire, scientist from Dow Chemical Company, accidentally invented foamed polystyrene or Styrofoam. McIntire tried to make a new rubber-like polymer by combining styrene with isobutylene, a volatile liquid, under pressure. The result was foam polystyrene with bubble, 30 times lighter than regular polystyrene. The Dow Chemical Company introduced Styrofoam products to the United State in 1954. (Friend, 2005)